SkillTrack is developed and continuously improved by people with over 20 years of experience in the placement industry!

When it comes to designing the best automated system for the placement industry, there is no substitute for experience. SkillTrack’s pedigree is unequaled. It is a product which incorporates the needs and suggested improvements of hundreds of firms and thousands of placement professionals.

SkillTrack's Resume Monster allows you to be searching newly-received resumes in seconds!!

Simply place all the new resumes you receive in a single folder on your network and let SkillTrack automatically read them into the database for you.
Candidate records will automatically be set up for each resume.


SkillTrack's exclusive autocoder automatically reads resumes and creates searchable skill profile codes, eliminating the need for tedious manual coding of candidate skill profiles.

Resumes can be easily stored in the database for convenient access

Attach as many versions of a candidate's resume as you need to his record. Having the resumes in the database ensures that you can easily access them for attachment to outgoing email messages. You don't even have to look at the resumes until one of them turns up in the results of a search!

SkillTrack’s user-definable tables make it easier to customize the system to fit your needs

User-definable tables let you decide the types of skills, activities and other types of information you need to track, regardless of your placement specialty. Skill profiles are organized into categories, providing a logical hierarchy to your codes.
If your company specializes in the placement of information technology, clerical, administrative or engineering professionals, SkillTrack has already done much of your job for you. Simply start with our standard code tables and modify them to suit your needs.

More powerful, easier-to-learn-and-use search feature

SkillTrack’s powerful search feature allows searching for candidates, companies, contacts or job orders using any combination of skill profiles and category codes, plus filters on postal codes, telephone area codes, ranges for availability date and salary/rate requirements and many other types of information. This is your best tool for finding exactly the right person for the job, literally in seconds.

Integrated email.

You can send letters and resumes, in plain text or as rich-text attachments, directly from within SkillTrack. The powerful address-book feature lets you look up email addresses stored in your SkillTrack database. Email messages can easily be stored as Follow-up History records, where they can be viewed by other authorized personnel. Far better than keeping critical correspondence in your MS Outlook 'Sent' folder!

SkillTrack runs on the Web!

Whether you need remote access to your SkillTrack database, or simply don't want the expense and headaches of setting up and administering a local area network, we can offer you a web-based solution. This may be the perfect solution to having all of your branch offices using the same database or allowing staff working at home access to your database.
We give live demonstrations of SkillTrack over the Internet. Call us to arrange an appointment for a personal tour!

Easier to create custom fields, define custom layouts

You may find that SkillTrack’s standard screens to not allow you to enter certain types of information that is important to you. SkillTrack lets you define additional informational fields and to design custom layouts to meet your unique requirements. No costly custom programming is required!

Higher quality training for your entire staff

Training for your staff is included in the purchase price of SkillTrack. Our professional trainers come to your office, at a time convenient for you. An excellent training manual is also available.

It's prettier!

Each user can choose their own color scheme for each of the major forms. Our use of color makes the system much easier to use in addition to making it pretty to look at.

Easier to learn and use

Screens have been laid out in a simple, straightforward manner and there is consistency throughout. Many competitive products have some of the features of SkillTrack, but are so cumbersome to use that recruiters and salespeople have great difficulty navigating about the system and interpreting the screens.

Faster, more competent, more affordable and more courteous technical support

We take great pride in the quality and timeliness of our support. Don’t take our word for it, check the references we will be happy to provide!

Better security features to protect against unauthorized access or theft

All placement firms have turnover. SkillTrack gives you the ability to restrict access, restrict printing, restrict deletion and change of information virtually anyway you want.

Continuously being improved

Our Annual Maintenance and Support Agreement entitles you to upgrades to the system, as they are issued, at no additional cost. We take suggestions from our customers very seriously-- many have been incorporated as new features or enhancements to existing ones.

You can't afford not to switch to
SkillTrack for Windows!

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