Client Workstations

The minimum recommended system configuration for client workstations is:

Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows NT Workstation v4.x
Pentium 133Mhz

This is a minimum recommended configuration. As with all Windows programs, SkillTrack's performance will improve if you add RAM and megahertz to the workstation.


To run the DEMO database, you can use a machine with no more power than that described for Client Workstations, above. For a production system, however we recommend:

A Pentium 200Mhz or faster machine with 128 MB of RAM

To provide best performance, the database server needs to allocate a memory cache of approximately 40% of the physical database size. For example, if your production database (SKT.db) is 100MB in size, you should allocate 40MB of your network server's total RAM to the SkillTrack database server cache. Use the SkillTrack Database Manager to configure the cache setting for your server.

Note: If your server presently has 128MB of RAM, chances are you're already using most of it to run other services. Refer to your operating system documentation to determine how much RAM must be made available to the network server and how much is presently available before you allocate large chunks of it to the SkillTrack database server cache.

Supported Network Operating Systems

Windows NT Server
Version 4, Service Pack 3 or Service Pack 5 (Service Pack 4 can be used, but it may be necessary to reinstall TCP/IP).

Novell NetWare
We have tested under Version 4.x.

Windows 95/98

Although a peer-to-peer Windows LAN can be used, we do not recommend this operating system for the network/database server. Windows NT and NetWare offer greater stability.

Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS)
All work environments are subject to occasional interruptions in electrical power supply. We recommend that you protect yourself against such events by purchasing and installing a UPS unit that will protect you against such power outages. UPS units are rated and priced according to the maximum time they will provide an alternate supply of electrical power in an emergency situation.

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