SkillTrack is designed to automate all front-office functions performed by temp or perm placement firms. Regardless of how you manage your business, it's important to have quick access to what we call the "big four" types of information:

Candidates, the job seekers for temporary and/or permanent positions.

Companies, the customers and potential customers of your firm.

Contacts, the people with whom you interact at your customer companies.

Job Orders, the positions at the customer companies which you intend to fill with candidates you have recruited.

SkillTrack for Windows' exclusive features allow you to gather and store every critical piece of information you have in the way that is most meaningful to you, and offer you countless ways to locate and access that information.

The results:

Consistency, organization and security are the immediate by-products of intelligent use of SkillTrack.

Recruiters are able to do a better job of tracking important information on candidates and quickly locate the best qualified candidates to fill customer job orders.

Salespeople are able to do a better job of tracking important information on client accounts.

Management and support staff have immediate access to information needed to do a better job of improving the efficiency and profitability of the placement firm.

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