SkillTrack Base System and Additional User (Client) Licenses
Base system (includes access by one client)$7,500.00
Clients 2-10$1,500.00 each
Clients 11+$1,000.00

Base system includes a one-day training class designed for recruiters, salespeople and managers, plus a separate one-day class for system administrators and power users. Pricing is based upon class sizes of up to ten students (ask us for details when more than ten students will be participating).

One training manual is included in the above prices. Additional copies of the manual are available for $25.00/manual. SkillTrack Software recommends purchasing a minimum of one manual per two students.

Travel expenses incurred by the training staff are extra and will be paid for by the SkillTrack customer.

Annual Maintenance and Support Charges

Base system (includes one client)$1,000.00
Each additional client$100.00 each

SkillTrack for DOS customers who have an existing Annual Maintenance and Support agreement in effect will receive full credit for the unused portion of that agreement.

Annual Maintenance and Support includes unlimited telephone and/or computer-to-computer support, free upgrades, and access to the customer area of the SkillTrack website.

Data Conversion Charges

Customers who require special data conversion assistance may either use their own resources to extract data from their legacy systems, or hire SkillTrack Software to perform this data extraction at our standard rate of $100/hour. SkillTrack Software provides a utility program for importing the extracted data; customers must prepare the data for import according to our specifications.

Customers who are presently running SkillTrack for DOS v1.2 may use the conversion program provided witih the SkillTrack for Windows installation to convert their data. This conversion program is provided at no extra charge. Customers who are presently running SkillTrack for DOS v1.1 must first convert to v1.2, and then use the provided program. (Contact SkillTrack Software for details.)

All prices are subject to change without notice.
Prices as of April 15, 2000

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