Kaithern Hyndschaw

President and CEO
Management Communications - MCB

Kaithern brings insight and wisdom to his educational strengths in the areas of software training as well as management, problem solving, project management, statistical process control and team-building training. He is a polished presenter, whose sincerity and responsiveness to the needs of his audience both charm and enlighten.

Kaithern, a Certified Community College Instructor, has trained hundreds of individuals and worked with dozens of organizations representing every type of industry from technology, aerospace and defense to biomedical, healthcare and government.

His relaxed approach, clear sense of purpose, knowledge and humor have earned the respect of his international clients including British Petroleum, Courtaulds Aerospace, and Sumitomo Corporation.

Kaithern received his Bachelor of Science Degree from Bath University of Technology and obtained a Masters Degree from Imperial College of Science and Technology - University of London. If you have played and enjoyed golf, you may wish to share and discuss your interest with Kaithern - he is a true golf addict!

Judi L. Hindshaw

Director - MCB Training Solutions

Judi's enthusiasm, style and wit captivate audiences of all ages and backgrounds. Her expertise as a software trainer, in addition to her strengths in the areas of communication, supervisory and presentation skills - is surpassed only by her passion for sharing knowledge with others.

Judi is a vibrant and sought after trainer who has trained throughout the western United States to clients in the service, healthcare and manufacturing sectors. Her extensive list of clients includes Nordstrom, JC Penney, Kaiser Permanente and the Crane Corporation but Judi's real value to an organization is her ability to design and develop customized performance based training curriculum.

She developed her interest in education via experiences with the College Board in Princeton, New Jersey where she developed items for the SAT examinations. She has traveled extensively; beginning her career as an instructor in the Caribbean, then moving to East Africa where she developed a special interest in gemstones and gemology. This interest led to a certification as a Fellow of the Gemmological Association of Great Britain. Be sure to ask Judi about this aspect of her knowledge when you spend time with her prior to your training sessions!

Judi received her Bachelor of Science Degree in Educational Psychology from Bath University of Technology in Great Britain.

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