SkillTrack runs on the Web!

SkillTrack Software is now offering guided tours of SkillTrack for Windows on the World Wide Web. ACTIV-e Solutions is hosting our demo database so that you can try SkillTrack simply by following this link:
... of course, you'll need to obtain the correct login ID and password from us.

This isn't just a marketing tool, either. ACTIV-e has configured our servers to support our own sales database as well. These servers are scalable so that we can add any and all interested SkillTrack customers without diminishing performance.

Here are some reasons you might want to let ACTIV-e Solutions host your SkillTrack database:

Installation and configuration is performed jointly by staff from ACTIV-e and SkillTrack Software. That means no muss, no fuss for you.

ACTIV-e ensures that full database backups are made to removeable media (tape) on a daily basis, and that incremental backups occur every hour of your business day.

ACTIV-e provides state-of-the-art hardware, delivering outstanding performance. We were pleasantly stunned to discover that our performance, using dial-up access to the Internet from a Pentium 133MHz with 32MB RAM and a dusty old version of Netscape, was better than on our LAN! (The reason: ACTIV-e is using much faster and more powerful equipment than we are.) Therefore...

You won't have to upgrade your internal hardware and software to enjoy the terrific performance available from the ACTIV-e host.

SkillTrack Software staff can easily troubleshoot any problems you may have by logging onto your session (with your permission, of course) to see exactly what you are seeing and show you how to accomplish your task.

In keeping with our more-bang-for-your-buck policy, SkillTrack Software and ACTIV-e offer the most attractive prices you're likely to find for hosting your database on the Web. Just ask us for details!

SkillTrack's Resume Monster imports resumes in batches

Now you can collect all the resumes that arrive as email attachments in a single folder on your network, and let SkillTrack read them into the database for you. Candidate records will be set up for each resume, and the SkillTrack autocoder will create profile codes for them.

You don't even have to look at the resumes until one of them turns up in the results of a search! At that point you can "flesh out" the candidate information from the resume (name, address, phone numbers, etc.).

The Resume Monster can read resumes in any format supported by Microsoft Office. (The workstation running the Monster must have Microsoft Office installed to use this feature.)

Custom Fields

You may find that you need or want to add your own fields to the candidates, companies, contacts and/or job orders tables. SkillTrack provides wizards to let you extend the field list for these Big Four entities, and to design a layout with your own prompts for each field you add. Ask us for a demonstration of this feature, or use the tutorial distributed on the SkillTrack for Windows distribution CD.

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