Annual Maintenance and Support (AM&S)

The AM&S entitles you to all updates and unlimited technical and user support for SkillTrack for Windows, with the following caveats:

Updates are downloaded from a secure area of You must have an account with an Internet Service Provider (ISP) in order to access these downloadable files.

Notification of new releases will be made via email, so you must provide us with your email address. (We solemnly swear we will not release your email address to anyone.)

You must have a network administrator either on staff, or on call. Our experience has been that 90% of technical support calls have nothing to do with SkillTrack, and everything to do with configuring a Windows workstation to interact with the network server. We will be happy to work with your network administrator on any problem that impacts your ability to use SkillTrack.

We reserve the right to insist that you install pcANYWHERE or LapLink onto a workstation that has access to SkillTrack for the purpose of troubleshooting.

Our support staff will answer any and all questions about how to use SkillTrack. However, if we we receive excessive calls asking how to perform tasks that are either covered in the SkillTrack Help files or in SkillTrack Training, we reserve the right to begin every answer with a long lecture about how you should sign up your staff for one or more training refresher courses.

LapLink® is a registered trademark of Travelling Software, Inc.
pcANYWHERE™ is a trademark of Symantec Corporation.

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