SkillTrack for Windows is distributed under a concurrent user license agreement. For each license purchased from SkillTrack, the Licensee is required to purchase a corresponding license from Sybase, Inc.

SkillTrack Software can assist the Licensee with obtaining Sybase SQL Anywhere licenses. SkillTrack Software is obligated to provide Sybase, Inc. with information regarding SkillTrack licenses purchased, and by whom, so that Sybase may, at its discretion, conduct an audit of those customers to ensure they have obtained the necessary SQL Anywhere licenses.

The Licensee may install a single copy of the SkillTrack Server for a single operating system on a single machine at any one time. The Licensee may install an unlimited number of SkillTrack Clients, provided that the total number of accessors to the SkillTrack Server does not exceed the total number of concurrent clients licensed.

The Licensee must purchase licenses from Sybase, Inc. or one of its distributors for one base package for each SkillTrack Server (includes the SQL Anywhere Network Server and one Client license), plus as many additional Client licenses as needed to provide the number of concurrent connections desired.

Pricing includes licenses for SkillTrack for Windows, licenses for Sybase SQL Anywhere, the first year of Annual Maintenance and Support, and training Courses One and Two. Contact SkillTrack Software for a quote of the total price based on the total number of licenses you will need.

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