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SkillTrack is the front-office software your company needs to compete in today's highly competitive placement industry. The system supports fingertip access to every important area of concern to your Clients and Customers.

Features Tour

For a detailed look at SkillTrack's interactive features and its Windows screens, click on the "more" button throughout these pages. This will open a separate, smaller browser window which you can explore at your own pace.

Many of the features of SkillTrack for Windows can be reviewed by touring the Candidates, Companies, Contacts and Job Orders pages. These areas constitute the nucleus of your business and are the focus of SkillTrack's powerful organizing abilities.

Other exciting SkillTrack features include:

User-definable profile tables
User-defined profile tables let you decide the types of skills you need to track, regardless of your placement specialty. Skills profiles are organized into categories, providing a logical hierarchy to your codes.

User-definable code tables
Code tables allow you to create your own classifications for all of your information. Use these codes to filter your information in reports and searches.

SkillTrack's exclusive autocoder scans candidate résumés and automatically creates searchable skill profile codes.

Powerful search engine
The search engine allows searching for candidates, companies, contacts or job orders using any combination of skills profiles and category codes, plus filters on postal codes, telephone area codes and many other types of information. This is your best tool for finding exactly the right person for the job, literally in seconds.

Report builder
The report builder gives you access to the definitions for all standard SkillTrack reports. You may modify these reports, create your own, or let us prepare custom reports for you.

The built-in SkillTrack correspondence editor combines the formatting capabilities of Microsoft® Wordpad with the information in your SkillTrack database. You can create templates of standard letters and paragraphs with embedded tokens that pull information from the Contacts and Candidates tables to make personalizing your correspondence a snap!
You can (and should!) save your correspondence in SkillTrack's follow-up history table, to maintain a complete audit trail of your important interactions with the recipient of your correspondence.

Mail merge
Templates can be used with the SkillTrack mail merge feature to correspond via printed letter or email. Templates may be merged with lists of names gleaned from a search, or with a list you create on-the-fly. As with all other correspondence, you can instruct SkillTrack to save a copy of the merged document as a follow-up history record for each name on the merge list.

Integrated email
You can send letters and résumés, in plain text or as rich-text attachments, directly from within SkillTrack.

SkillTrack offers the ability to add comments throughout the system, just where you need them most. This is a very powerful feature, allowing you to store remarks with the appropriate entity (candidate, company, contact, job order, special instructions, activity, appointment, follow-up history, and more). This compartmentalization makes retrieving pertinent remarks extremely efficient.

Information privacy
User accounts are configurable to ensure complete information privacy. The system administrator controls what information a user can access and modify.

Comprehensive context-sensitive help system
The SkillTrack help system is always just a stroke of the F1 key away, and it provides all the information you need about the form you currently have active. We have been told by several of our users that the SkillTrack help files are some of the best they've seen. We know they do the job, because these folks figured out how SkillTrack works just from reading the help.

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