The following are answers to questions we have received about SkillTrack for Windows. If you have a question and you don't see it here, please send us an email at If it's a really good question, we'll add it to this page!

Will we have to change the network operating system we presently have in place in order to run SkillTrack?

That depends on what you are running now. SkillTrack for Windows runs on Microsoft Windows NT v4.0 or higher, and on Novell NetWare v4.x or higher. (SkillTrack can run on a peer-to-peer Windows 95/98 LAN, but we strongly recommend against such an installation. Windows 95/98 is not sufficiently stable to host a database server.) See System Requirements for details.

I'm just a one-person shop! Do I have to install a network just so I can run SkillTrack?

Certainly not! SkillTrack can be run on a standalone PC running Windows 95/98 or NT Workstation v4.0 or higher.

I notice you haven't mentioned whether SkillTrack will run on Windows 2000.

Everything was fine on Windows 2000 Professional/Beta, but the released version of Windows 2000 introduced some problems with Sybase SQL Anywhere. We are working on these issues, but in the meantime we recommend running Windows NT 4 Service Pack 3 or higher.

We need a front-office application that will feed information to our back-office system. If we use SkillTrack, will we have to retype everything into our accounting/payroll system?

No. The integrated SkillTrack Report Builder includes the ability to design data exporters. You can select exactly what data you want to extract from SkillTrack, and it will be delivered in ASCII files formatted however you need it to be. You may need to hire a programmer to write a utility for importing this data to your back-office system. Refer to the SkillTrack Help files for more information, or phone or email us and we'll be happy to discuss your specific needs.

We have many years of legacy data in another system. How can we convert it to SkillTrack?

The SkillTrack installation provides utilities for importing your legacy data. If you are upgrading from SkillTrack for DOS, you're in luck-- all you have to do is run the utility we provide, and all of your data will be ported from the DOS system directly into SkillTrack for Windows. If you are converting from some other system, you will have to enlist the help of a programmer to extract your data from that system into ASCII files according to our specifications. Those specifications and a utility to import data from the ASCII files are provided as part of the SkillTrack for Windows installation. (If you do not have a programmer, SkillTrack Software may be able to help you with the data extraction process.)

Almost all of our correspondence is conducted via email. Will SkillTrack work with my email program?

SkillTrack provides integrated email support. By this we mean that you can prepare your document, taking advantage of all of SkillTrack's correspondence features (templates of standard letters and paragraphs, hooks into the candidates and contacts information, etc.), and then send the finished document to your SMTP server (outgoing mail). You have the option of sending yourself a blind carbon copy (bcc:) of each email you send, which will cause it to appear in the In box of your email program. You can (and should) save your emailed correspondence in SkillTrack's follow-up history table where it can easily be viewed by anyone in your organization.

Most of our candidate resumes come to us over the Internet. How can SkillTrack help us process these efficiently?

SkillTrack for Windows can read resumes in any format supported by Microsoft Office. (Your workstation must have Microsoft Office installed to use this feature.) Set up a bare-bones candidate record and import the resume directly into the database. The SkillTrack autocoder will scan the resume and automatically create candidate profiles that can be matched against job requirements.

We use Internet search engines to find candidates for job openings. Can SkillTrack do that?

Wow. Doesn't that take hours for every job order you're trying to fill? We don't want to tell you how to run your business, but if you use the SkillTrack skill profiling features (including the autocoder to scan candidate resumes and automatically set up candidate profiles), the SkillTrack search engine will find you the candidates who exactly fulfill the job requirements in a matter of seconds. Your search doesn't have to be on profiles alone, either-- you can apply filters based on telephone area codes, postal codes, salaries/rates and many more types of information to narrow the search results to the candidates best suited for the job. If you'd rather spend hours scouring the Net for a potential candidate, that's up to you. We just thought you'd rather spend your time making placements... and making money.

I don't want other people editing my data. For that matter, there are some people who shouldn't even be able to see my data! Consequently, I don't keep a lot of my critical information in the company database.

That's a pity, for you and for the nice folks who sign your paycheck. SkillTrack provides complete information privacy in the form of highly-customizable user access. The system administrator decides what a user may access and modify. For example, a recruiter may be given rights to see all candidates, and to add his own candidates, but he may be restricted from editing data for any candidates other than his own. A salesperson may be restricted from seeing any contacts or companies other than his own. Similar restrictions can be placed on Activities, Appointments and Follow-up History information. Whenever a user does not have the rights to view a candidate, company, contact or job order, that information will appear in lookup lists showing the id code and the initials of the recruiter/account rep who owns the information. If the user wants more information about the restricted entity, he must request it from the recruiter/rep.

SkillTrack looks like a pretty sophisticated program. How long will it take to teach my staff how to use it?

We include a one-day training course for your entire staff as part of the package. Follow the Training link for details about what is included.

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