Course One: SkillTrack QuickStart Training
This course has been designed to deliver job oriented training to recruiters, sales professionals, managers and anyone else in the organization who will be using SkillTrack daily to perform the major functions of their work. A SkillTrack professional trainer will ensure that users understand the critical elements of the software so that they will be able to use it immediately once they leave the classroom environment.

Course Two: SkillTrack Power User/System Administrator Training
This course has been designed for System Administrators and those members of the staff who will be charged with the definition and maintenance of code tables and profile codes. Emphasis will be given to designing effective code tables and profiles, as well as developing appropriate keywords for use by the SkillTrack autocoder.
This course also includes the power user modules on the Maintenance Menu (Change Area Codes, Reassign User Data, Consolidate Profile Codes), and the care and feeding of User Accounts and options on the System Defaults form.

Additional courses are available covering the SkillTrack Report Builder and Designing Effective Code Tables and Profiles. Ask us for details!

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