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Keep track of the job seekers for temporary
or permanent positions.

General information
Candidate information must include the first and last names, the city where the candidate is located, and a few user-defined codes. Naturally there is room for full address information, including email address. (The integrated email feature will grab this address whenever you send email to this candidate.)

We're pretty sure you're also going to want to import the candidate's résumé, and let the autocoder create skill profiles for you.

Profile codes and the search engine
Of course, profile codes can be added and edited manually as well. Candidate profiles are ranked with a proficiency level (Heavy, Medium or Light), to help search for the right candidate. The use of skill profiles is what makes the SkillTrack search engine so powerful. The time you invest in developing good profile codes will be rewarded in higher productivity for your staff and more successful placements.

Phone numbers
Enter as many phone numbers as you need, and label them however you want. You decide which phone numbers are the most important in the list-the first two will always be in view in the top portion of the form.

Permanent and temporary candidates
There is room to store information about the candidate's current employment position, including present salary and the salary desired. Likewise, information about the status of a temporary employee, including current and desired rates, can be stored for easy retrieval.

Background information
The candidate's education background, job history and references can be entered if no résumé is available. Associations can be made between candidates and companies in your database where the candidate has worked.

Milestone events such as résumé submittal to a client, interview with a client, and the all-important placement with a client should be tracked via the SkillTrack Activities page. Activities are accessible from any of the Big Four forms.

Follow-up history
Ongoing correspondence and rounds of telephone tag can be tracked on the Follow-up History page. As with Activities, the Follow-up History information is accessible from all of the Big Four forms.

The Appointments page lets you set up appointments and other ticklers. All appointments are accessible from the Big Four forms; your own appointments can also be accessed via the My Appointments form. Ask SkillTrack to remind you of the appointment, and a notification will be presented at the time you ask.

SkillTrack offers the ability to add comments throughout the system, just where you need them most. This is a very powerful feature, allowing you to store remarks with the appropriate entity (candidate, company, contact, job order, special instructions, activity, appointment, follow-up history, and more). This compartmentalization makes retrieving pertinent remarks extremely efficient.

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