I believe that SkillTrack is the best front office system available not because it's my creation, but because it's the creation of thousands of recruiters, salespeople, management and support staff at hundreds of placement firms who have used the system over the past fifteen years.

In 1984, when the PC was just becoming a practical tool for business applications, I realized its potential to help my small IT temp and perm placement firm, Bedford Consultants, grow. And grow it did! From a very modest beginning, my business grew to become one of the leading IT temp and perm placement firms in the very competitive San Francisco Bay Area.

SkillTrack, and the talented, hard working people who used it on a daily basis, were the principal reasons that we became as successful as we did. Over a fifteen-year period the system was constantly improved by adding new features and improving existing ones. SkillTrack for Windows, our latest product release, is a system that retains the simplicity of its DOS predecessor and has many new features and capabilities that are possible only in a Windows environment. Below are some of the principal benefits I feel you will experience from using the system.

Gil Biggs, former President,
Bedford Consultants, Inc.

Easy to learn and use
Screens have been laid out in a simple, straightforward manner and there is consistency throughout.

Helps recruiters, salespeople and managers get and stay organized
The placement business is an inherently disorganized business. Having a system that allows the input and viewing of virtually anything you find important to track is critical to bringing organization into your business activities.

Promotes consistency
It's easy to develop standards and procedures for how you want to use SkillTrack on a daily basis. Instead of having twenty people each conducting business their way, you can have twenty people conducting business the way you want them to.

Protects against theft
All placement firms have turnover. SkillTrack gives you the ability to restrict access, restrict printing, restrict deletion and change of information virtually anyway you want.

Continuously being improved
The Annual Maintenance and Support Agreement entitles you to upgrades to the system, as they are issued, at no additional cost.
We take suggestions from our customers very seriously-- many have been incorporated as new features or improvements to existing ones.

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