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DEFINITY® ProLogix™ Solutions is an important addition to Lucent Technologies’ offer portfolio since it was designed specifically for small to midsize enterprises, and small-of-large enterprises around the world. Based on the DEFINITY Enterprise Communications Server hardware and software platform, DEFINITY ProLogix Solutions combines familiar key system features such as group page and whisper page with DEFINITY ECS call handling and support for advanced applications like networking, wireless, messaging, automatic call distribution/help desk, and data access. Functionality, competitive price, and room to grow make DEFINITY ProLogix Solutions a high-value system.

For growing companies, investment protection is not a worry because DEFINITY ProLogix Solutions provides up to 600-port capacity and easy growth to 25,000 ports. Advanced applications in small sizes enable companies to try new technology easily and cost effectively, while shared voice mail and networking improve communications both within and outside the company. Growing companies will also enjoy the tools that help you save time using DEFINITY ProLogix Solutions.

For branch offices of large enterprises, DEFINITY ProLogix Solutions enables parent companies to implement a consistent solution across locations. Multi-site companies also benefit from shared voice mail and networking, which enable them to communicate quickly and easily with other company sites, customers, and suppliers.

Lucent Technologies is offering a new and exciting way to try out the latest Bell Labs technology at entry level pricing. We are introducing DEFINITY ProLogix Solutions Application Starter Packages for wireless, ACD/help desk, virtual office for telecommuters, networking, and advanced system administration. Applications in small sizes let companies implement technology at their own pace.

Lucent Technologies provides a full network of support to back the worry-free, high-performance DEFINITY ProLogix Solutions. Our service and support options let customers choose the services that fit their needs and budgets.

The DEFINITY ProLogix Solution has many components, including:
Telephones. All telephones used with DEFINITY ECS can also be used with DEFINITY ProLogix. Lucent Technologies is also offering a new line of globally designed telephones. The new 6400 family of telephones will be available in countries around the world including the US. All 6400 telephones have four fixed-feature buttons - Conference, Transfer, Hold, and Last Number Dialed. The 6400 family includes 6 different models including an add-on module (available 4Q97) for additional buttons.

•DEFINITY hardware platform with DEFINITY port boards: wall mountable, maximum three cabinets, 10 slots/cabinet, and global power supply.

•DEFINITY software platform (R6.1 switch software with key/hybrid feature additions, e.g., group page and whisper page). DEFINITY ProLogix Solutions and DEFINITY ECS use the same switch software.

•Messaging for DEFINITY ProLogix Solutions. INTUITY AUDIX Model 5 on the MAP5 voice messaging platform is standard, but larger INTUITY AUDIX models are also supported as well as DEFINITY AUDIX.

•DEFINITY ProLogix Solutions offers Starter Packages for: wireless (single zone and multi-zone), ACD/help desk, telecommuting/virtual office, networking, and advanced system administration. Since the starter packages are available at entry level pricing, it is easy for you to try new technology to see how it impacts your business.

•Our service and support options lets you choose the services that fit your needs and budgets. When you need service, Lucent Technologies offers a full network of support to back the worry-free, high-performance DEFINITY ProLogix system.

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