Telephone Products

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Advanced System Administration Starter Package
How You Benefit:
Quickly make changes right from your desktop (no more inconvenient trips to the telephone room).

Auto Station Relocation
How You Benefit:
Save time and money when you relocate telephones around the office without the help of a technician, because there is no need to change station wiring and cross-connects.

Automatic Call Distribution/Help Desk Starter Package
How You Benefit:
Improve call handling and customer service with a call center as small as 6 agents and with growth to 200 agents.

Group Page (32 groups x 32 members)
How You Benefit:
Employees can reach coworkers and even groups of coworkers quickly by paging through the speaker built into the telephones.

Help Desk/CTI Starter Package
How You Benefit:
Increase the sophistication of your call center operation when you need expanded data storage and real-time reports. Options such as advanced routing and vectoring lets you choose what your operation needs.

Investment Protection.
DEFINITY ProLogix Solutions is ideal for companies with between 40 and 400 telephones because it can grow to 500 telephones with a 600-port capacity and has an easy growth path to 25,000 ports.
How You Benefit:
Scalability gives small and midsize companies room to grow and to build the system as they need it.

Networking Starter Package based on DEFINITY ECS networking includes uniform dial plan and supports QSIG standards.
How You Benefit:
Multisite businesses save time and money when they take advantage of intracompany communications and consistency across locations.

Remote Diagnostics.
How You Benefit:
Multi-site companies can save valuable time by managing all locations with one software package.

Virtual Office Starter Package for Telecommuters
How You Benefit:
Work where you need to work and still be available to your customers using your office telephone number.

Wireless Starter Packages
How You Benefit:
Get important calls wherever you are in your business.

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