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Partner Advanced Communications System


Battery Back-up memory
Battery backup of the PARTNER ACS system memory is available for a full 45 days to 6 months.

How You Benefit:
Battery backup stores all system configurations and programming. This feature is extremely important to save system re-programming in the event of power failures and other emergencies. Customers benefit by limiting system down time during and after emergencies.

Caller ID
With PARTNER ACS, three lines are automatically compatible with Caller ID, via the Control Unit. Additional lines can be Caller ID-compatible by using "EC" expansion modules. However, Caller ID service must be provided by the local telephone service company.

How You Benefit:
Caller ID gives users the ability to choose calls to accept, and specifically greet familiar callers. Caller numbers can be included on telephone system usage reports to track calls from specific parties, such as clients.

Caller ID also provides users with the ability to use software programs with their PC, such as Lucent Technologies PassageWay® products, to display caller information and customer records on their PC.

PC Card Technology
PC Card (PCMCIA Card) technology is built into the PARTNER ACS system. This capability enables system programming information to be stored (backed up) on the PC Card. If needed, programming and administration information can be quickly and easily restored into the system, limiting downtime for the business.

Additional features and future enhancements can be also added quickly and easily into the system via PC Cards.

How You Benefit:
PC Card technology provides for quick and cost effective upgrades, limiting downtime.

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