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MERLIN LEGEND® Advanced Solutions is our premier offer targeted at the small to mid-sized business. It’s platform is the award winning MERLIN LEGEND Communications System. MERLIN LEGEND is a two time winner of Teleconnect Magazine’s Editors Choice award and has received numerous other awards. There are over 30 United States patents for MERLIN LEGEND.

Whether you’re a small business with big plans or a medium-size company exploring new possibilities, the MERLIN LEGEND System is your best investment. For example, when it’s time to add dynamic new capabilities to make your company more competitive and profitable, the MERLIN LEGEND System will allow you to transfer voice, data, video and fax economically, using a variety of connections to the Public Switched Network. The MERLIN LEGEND System’s powerful multimedia and ISDN connectivity make it a low-cost, full- service resource, offering many productivity enhancing applications for small and medium -size companies.

During 1997, Lucent introduced its Advanced Solutions portfolio of offers for the MERLIN LEGEND system. These major enhancements were based on the multimedia capabilities delivered with Release 4 and the award winning call centers that were made available with Release 5.0. In 1998, we are off to a running start with the February delivery of the Release 6.0 Advanced Networking offer. This enhancement enables customers to network MERLIN LEGEND systems together or MERLIN LEGEND to DEFINITY® systems in a way that is technologically advanced yet easy to use while offering multi-location businesses a variety of productivity improvements. Release 6.1 - Centralized voice mail in an all MERLIN LEGEND environment is also scheduled for availability during August of this year and concurrently, service observing functionality will be added to our call center offers. There are many other enhancements to the MERLIN LEGEND Communications System under development for 1998 and beyond. These enhancements are being produced in response to those needs articulated by our customers and our desire to provide investment protection. For example, during 1999 the system will be expanded to support up to 200 digital stations and Partner® telephones with Release 7.0. This enhancement will further strengthen the growth potential and investment protection for Lucent’s small business customers. We are currently in the Release 8 planning stages with Bell Laboratories for additional exciting future enhancements.

Architectural Overview
The MERLIN LEGEND is one of the most powerful and easy- to-use phone systems available. The system is modular and supports up to 80 trunks and 200 stations. The MERLIN LEGEND offers the range of features that you’d expect on a high-end phone system: individual and system wide directories, toll restrictions, hunt groups, DISA, distinctive rings, and music on-hold etc.

MERLIN LEGEND is a key system which supports hybrid and PBX operation modes, and a special "Behind Switch" mode for running behind another phone system. It uses a 32-bit processor that is twice as fast as the 16-bit processors commonly used in the industry. Its universal slot architecture allows any card to be placed in any card slot (T-1 cards require only one card slot, just like all the other cards in the system). It has a Flash ROM card for: easy upgrades and automatic system translation backups & restores. If something goes wrong with a line or station port on the system, the technician can simply pop a card out of the cabinet with the system still in service. The technician can replace the card, and re-program only the affected components, instead of the entire system. Additionally the system has built in remote programming and a maintenance modem. With this feature many system troubles are cleared remotely and often times users are unaware that a trouble has occurred.

All MERLIN LEGEND sets have a full array of fixed feature buttons that come already programmed and labeled on the sets ( Volume, Feature, Transfer, HFAI, Conference, Drop, Mute, Speaker and Hold). They are in the same place on every phone.

MERLIN LEGEND: A True Single-Vendor Solution for Systems, Sets, Wire, Messaging, CTI (PassageWay & TSAPI), Paging, Data (Internet Access), UPS, IVR, Call Accounting, MERLIN LEGEND® Reporter and World Class Services Support.

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