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Merlin Legend Communications System


Automatic Route Selection (ARS)
Calls are automatically placed on certain lines, depending on the number dialed and the lines available.

How You Benefit:
Outgoing calls are routed efficiently, allowing workers to serve customers quickly and optimize savings on interlata and long distance call.

Automatic System Backup and Restore
Automatic System Backup and Restore - Customers can easily back up the system programming, simply by using a PCMCIA card.

How You Benefit:
Downtime due to programming loss is avoided, and systems are always up and running to serve customers.

Basic Service Center
By combining the built-in service center features of MERLIN LEGEND Release 5 and the historical reports available with the MERLIN LEGEND Reporter, you can provide a basic service center. Calls coming into the service group can now be delivered to the longest idle agent, allowing level workloads. For example:
When all agents are busy, the call is placed in queue.
Multiple announcements are available from up to 10 announcement devices. After a preset number of seconds since the primary announcement was played, a secondary announcement can be played and then repeated at regular intervals. Most competing key system solutions require expensive adjunct equipment to offer what MERLIN LEGEND has as a standard offer today. The Optional MERLIN LEGEND Reporter, MERLIN LEGEND Mail Release 2.0 with collected digits and multiple personal greetings, INTUITY AUDIX and the TransTalk 9000 wireless phone all contribute to the richness of this offer.

How You Benefit:
Helping to balance the work load, save time, provide better customer service and heighten productivity.

Caller ID ( ICLID )
The phone number of the calling party appears on the MLX phone display. (When combined with PassageWay® Direct Connect or Telephony Services Solutions, the caller’s database record appears on the PC display simultaneously. The user can access the database record during the call, as well as log the conversation.) Note that Caller ID requires that the customer subscribe to Caller ID service from the local telephone company (not available in all areas).

How You Benefit:
Calls are answered personally, and callers don’t have to wait while their records are being accessed.

Direct Group Calling(DGC)
As calls come into a specific group of phones, the system hunts for, and routes them to the "most-idle agent" or to the next available extension in the group.

How You Benefit:
Efficient handling of calls to high call volume groups. Customer calls are answered quickly.

Direct Inward Dialing
Callers can call an extension without going through the receptionist or attendant.

How You Benefit:
Callers can directly dial the person they want to talk to.

Enhanced Service Center (ESC)
Enhanced Service Center (ESC)combines the MERLIN LEGEND R5 platform with our Enhanced Service Center software application to provide a robust, comprehensive call center solution for sales and service environments. The key features of the ESC are true Automatic Call Distribution (ACD) functionality, queue options for callers, queue information made available to callers and agents, collected digits and comprehensive monitoring and reporting of agent activities. Providing a robust set of management reports and "real time" display information, this offer allows an agent to log into multiple splits and will supports up to 25 active agents, up to 25 agents per queue and 4 agent splits.
An Optional Wallboard, INTUITY AUDIX, and TransTalk 9000 wireless phone contribute to the richness of this offer.

How You Benefit:
Easy to Use technology that helps build customer relationships and generate revenue with tools that increase your ability to satisy your customers needs, while optimizing the efficiency of your service department(s).

Gives users access to 23 channels of voice, data, video, and other services and applications over digital facility.

How You Benefit:
Customers can access the Internet at up to 128 Kbps...four times faster than today’s modems

A user who’s on his or her display phone when a call comes in can determine whether the incoming call is an inside or outside call and whether it was transferred or forwarded.

How You Benefit:
Employees can disregard unimportant, and, conversely, stop everything to take calls from important customers or suppliers.

National ISDN-1 BRI Access
Lets users access voice, data, video, and other services and applications over digital facilities. Provides economical simultaneous transmission of voice, data, and video. Allows faster and more accurate data transmission and calling -party and called-party identification, and establishes calls more reliably. Gives users universal access to Central Office switches across the United States and Canada.

How You Benefit:
Businesses, professional firms, and educational institutions can share voice, data, and video information among individuals located inside or outside the organization.
Employees can use and exchange data economically from remote sites.

T1 Data Switching
Allows customers to send and receive switched high -speed ( 56 Kbps) data right through a T1 facility.

How You Benefit:
Businesses can offer services such as ATM/credit card readers. Because there is no need for a multiplexer or a dedicated data network, more money is available for meeting customer needs.

TSAPI ( Telephony Services Applications Programming Interface )
The CTI connection is a TSAPI link that uses standard CTSA (Computer Supported Telecommunications Application ) commands. The TSAPI CTI link consists of telephony services software, a physical link between the MERLIN LEGEND System and a Telephony Server on the LAN, and applications software on the client’s PC. Without a LAN, customers can utilize PassageWay Direct Connect Services to create a CTI connection between a phone and a PC.

How You Benefit:
With TSAPI customers can personalize the dialogue with "Screen Pops" that can provide customer information. The following three applications are certified to run on both MERLIN LEGEND PassageWay Telephony Services Solutions:

Q.Sys - Personal/GroupPhoneWare: Meant for such power users as service representatives, inside sales, help desk representatives and call coverage staff in collaborative workgroups. This application obtains caller information, searches databases, routes the call, and provides the employee with a screen pop along with the call. Its major benefits are to speed and improve call handling and to give users the ability to offer personalized service and monitor up to 10 telephones.

CCom -Phoneline Directory: This is an easy-to-use Windows -based corporate directory manager that provides flexible, fully-configurable, comprehensive interface to company and personal directories. It gives users the ability to easily access directory information and use it in networked and stand-alone environments.

Call Ware Phonetastic: This sophisticated call handling system provides intelligent call routing with seamless links to contact managers, personal information managers, and other applications databases.
The solution also makes it easy to control multiple phone lines and provides instant outbound dialing from any database or desktop application.

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