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GuestWorks® is an integrated, turnkey telephone system designed specifically for the hospitality industry. It combines four critical telecommunications requirements — call processing, messaging, phones, and services — into a complete system, packaged and supported by Lucent Technologies.

Because GuestWorks is an integrated, turnkey solution, it frees franchisees and independent hotels from buying communications equipment piecemeal, and then spending valuable resources to keep the system running. It is competitively priced and includes many "standard" features that are considered "extras" on competitive systems. To position GuestWorks as a complete solution, we have partnered with Teledex, the industry-leading provider of hotel phones, and Homisco, a leading provider of hospitality call accounting systems in the U.S.

The system integrates key hospitality features— such as Enhanced Attendant Back-Up, Automated Attendant, Announcement Services, Answer Detection, Crisis Alerting, Call Center, Enhanced PMS Integration (single link for switch, call accounting, and messaging)—within the architecture of the solution. Our competitors’ solutions consist of a telephone system surrounded by a variety of third-party, non-integrated adjuncts. Integration of critical components into a complete hospitality solution enables properties to differentiate themselves and provide value-added services for their guests.

Two versions of the GuestWorks system are currently available:
•GuestWorks ES: targets small hotels and extended-stay hotel properties with 40 to 96 rooms
•GuestWorks: targets hotels with more than 96 rooms (up to a maximum of 25,000 station lines)

Both versions work with GuestWorks Messaging (Lucent INTUITY™ Lodging) and INTUITY Lodging Call Accounting (Homisco). GuestWorks and GuestWorks ES include as standard the ability to link to a hotel’s property management system (PMS).

Phones for Hospitality: GuestWorks offers customers a variety of telephone choices for guest and administrative use.
•8400 Telephones: These multibutton, digital phones provide all the features your customers need to maximize the GuestWorks system. The 8400 series includes the 8411 digital phone with laptop/modem port and single-line voice/data communications that accommodate business travelers.

•6400 Telephones: This new line of 2-wire terminals offers customers a variety of business features, including display, at a competitive price. All 6400 phones have four fixed-feature buttons—Conference, Transfer, Hold, and Last Number Dialed. Features include:
*Date & Time when idle
*four "Navigator Keys" (Menu, Next, Previous, Exit)
*12 default soft keys (can be changed by the system administrator)
*11-feature terminal self-administration

•Teledex Telephones: In addition to a full line of Lucent Technologies phones for administrative offices and guest rooms, GuestWorks uses room terminals from Teledex, the leading provider of analog phones for lodging. The Teledex Diamond line of phones boasts a variety of features such as guest service access buttons, faceplate customization, 1- and 2-line speakerphones, data ports, and message waiting notification. The line also includes 1-piece convenience phones and answer-only speakerphones.

Call Accounting
GuestWorks Call Accounting was developed with Homisco, a leading supplier of call usage technology. It gives hotels real-time management and cost accounting tools to help identify, allocate, and control communications costs. Lucent Technologies installs the system and gives customers a single point of contact for maintenance. Here are the benefits:
•Calls are processed and rated in real time, so usage reports are up-to-the-minute.
•Multiple reports are available and can be generated simultaneously.
•Hotels can generate bills on demand while calls are being processed.
•Network analysis tools support fast troubleshooting.

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