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Answer Detection
How You Benefit:
GuestWorks uses power/answer on the receiving end of a guest call to determine exactly when the call was connected. (Most competitor systems set a 60-second delay before a call is billed.)

Attendant Backup
How You Benefit:
With this feature, hotels can program any digital phone to help answer calls when the front desk is busy.

Attendant Split Swap
How You Benefit:
This feature gives attendants more call handling flexibility and convenience by allowing them to toggle between an active and a split call with a single key press.

Basic Call Management System (BCMS) for 20 Agents
How You Benefit:
With BCMS for 20 agents, hotels can use Hunt Group Measurements to improve the efficiency of the hotel reservation-taking process, and to support other small hunt group activities.

Call Accounting
How You Benefit:
GuestWorks Call Accounting was developed with Homisco, a leading supplier of call usage technology. It gives hotels real-time management and cost accounting tools to help identify, allocate, and control communications costs.

Crisis Alerting Software
How You Benefit:
GuestWorks automatically notifies a hotel’s front office attendant console when any phone places an emergency call (for example, to 911).

Customized Wakeup Calls
How You Benefit:
This feature allows properties to add a customized message to a Wakeup call (such as suggesting a call to room service to order morning coffee), or wake foreign guests in their native language.

Dial By Name
How You Benefit:
When a caller dials into the hotel and chooses the “Dial By Name” option, the system instructs the caller how to dial the called party name into the system.

Direct Access Calling
How You Benefit:
This automated attendant feature allows callers to listen to a voice prompt and route their own calls to conference planning, reservations, a guest room, an announcement, a specific staff member, or other hotel services.

Dual Wakeup
How You Benefit:
Dual Wakeup allows staff members or guests who use consoles or display phones or consoles to activate two Wakeup calls for a guest extension number.

Enhanced Toll Restriction
How You Benefit:
This feature allows hotel management to restrict a guest to placing local calls only. With Enhanced Toll Restriction, a property can advertise “free local calls” without collecting a deposit for phone calls from their cash-paying customers.

Message Waiting Notification
How You Benefit:
Guests always know when a message is waiting because GuestWorks supports three types of message waiting notification: the LED message display, the neon message waiting lights used by older phones, and stutter dial tone for the visually impaired.

Messaging for Guests and Staff
How You Benefit:
Based on INTUITY™ Lodging/ INTUITY AUDIX®, the GuestWorks integrated guest and administrative messaging system improves guest satisfaction by offering many automatic features to ensure message delivery and integrity.

Property Management Link
How You Benefit:
GuestWorks single integrated Property Management System (PMS) link lets a hotel’s phone system and PMS share information.

Remote Administration
How You Benefit:
Large customers who oversee several hotel franchises get centralized phone system control with Remote Administration. These owners can manage multiple GuestWorks systems from a central location using Terranova® software plus their own PC and modem.

Room-activated Wakeup With Tones
How You Benefit:
The room-activated Wakeup With Tones feature allows guests to activate their own Wakeup even if the hotel’s GuestWorks system does not include a speech synthesizer board.

How You Benefit:
Automatic Wakeup is standard on all versions of GuestWorks. Attendants, front desk staff, and guests can request Wakeup calls from any phone or console.

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